Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Sheboygan Beer Brats

We're taking a moment away from Check Point firewall posts in Miami to describe how to make your very own firewalls... I mean Sheboygan Bier Brats. For those who don't know, my wife is from the German province of Wisconsin and this will cover how to make a proper brat!


Here are pics of everything.

Brats - out of package (yes warrenty voided)

This is really only 2... and it might have been white. The first one was yellow for sure!

Yes, the whole thing! Pretend you're German!

MUSTARD BEER MUG POWER!!! It's only 8 ounces btw.

BTW Bubbie's pickles are amazing. We're using Bubbie's Sauerkraut since we don't have a German Grandmother handy to make it for us. Heat and serve either on the side, or on the brat.

ok how to do this..

Hurl brats in a pot of ice water. This will help prevent bursting on the grill is what legends of old tell us. Do this for about 10 mins.

Important! The next 2 steps are done at the same time. Cook brats and heat up the da bier unions and butta.

Step 1 - cooking brats

Put your electric grill on medium low. You want to make sure the grill doesn't get too hot or the brats will burst. However, this should still be enough power to flip the breaker and kill power to the flat. 

This way, your Mobile Access Blade demo you're working on can go down hard and your wife can bring up (again!) how she has been saying for 3 weeks you need to get a UPS for your lab gear. You'll of course want to admit she is right, as always. Don't turn the servers back on, but reset the breaker.

If you can, don't use an electric grill! Charcoal is best.

Grill the brats for about 30 mins then turn them over and cook for another 30 min. This isn't a hard rule. The key is cook slow and make sure they're cooked. When you poke them, they should be firm and look like this just after turning.

Cooked, and ready to simmer in the butta and da bier!

While the brats are cooking put the da biers in the a pot with unions and da butta.

Step 2 Cooking the brine.

Put 9 x 12 oz of da biers, unions, butta in a pot on low. You don't want anything above a simmer.

Ok so let's assume steps 1 and 2 are complete. 

Ask the dog if she has found a job yet.

The lack of eye contact is not a good sign.

Patio lizard is not amused.

Use ray gun to increase dog's head to show your displeasure.

Now, take your brats and put them in the brine and let simmer for about an hour if you can stand it.

Now we didn't do this last step, but its pretty darn good. Do this if you have access to hard rolls (yes again they are soft and don't ask). Cut open the bun and only dip the open part of the bun in the brine, just enough to toast. Then grill the bun brine side down. This will take it to another level. We didn't do that this time.

Finished product. Yes, I know that's wine, we only had 3 da biers. We had no choice!

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