Saturday, April 9, 2016

Strace / Backsup / how magical strace is - Part 2

UPDATE: as of R77.20 HFA 20 checkpoint has added a scheduled backup option in the webui. Its under device -> system operations -> Periodic backup is OFF | Settings..

In the previous write up I showed how I think I found the backup command used in Gaia Embedded. How can we be sure this is the backup command? Well, this is what I did. I downloaded a backup via the webui then issued my backup command and compared the md5sums. Guess what I found? They're different! aaahh crap.

So how bad is it? File listing in the zip is the same. However, when I list the archive with zip -l I found this. The one from the webui has a meta section. The one created via clish (backup settings to tftp server does not.

Check this out.., I've never seen this before (of course that means very little). This is on the top of the webui .zip:

<Date>Apr 09, 2016 09:11:10 PM</Date>
<Comment> </Comment>
  Length      Date    Time    Name

Well... that is odd.. So the backup created via clish is different from the backup created by the webui on R75. Hopefully we haven't stumbled onto a bug that only effects R75 as R77 is out.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the backup made via the webui is a better backup then from client.

Back to strace!

We know the webui runs on port 4434. Lets see what process is on that port:

[Expert@FW]# lsof -nni | grep 4434
-bash: lsof: command not found

Oh.. right.. no package.. sigh.. Well hopefully support doesn't see this. I uploaded lsof to /logs.

[Expert@FW]# tar -zxvf lsof_4.89.tgz
[Expert@FW]# cd cnf/bin/
[Expert@FW]# ./lsof -nni | grep 4434
thttpd     910   root    1u  IPv4   3439      0t0  TCP *:4434 (LISTEN)

Boom! Now we know what process to strace.

This time I'm going to attach strace to a live process ( 910 ).
One thing I want to point out is I'm going to login to the webui and navigate all the way to the backup section first. Then I started the strace and hit the "Create Backup" button. I also did NOT download the file via the webui, so as to not pollute the strace output with all the stuff for the download . After the backup completed I hit CTRL-C on the strace. This is the full output of strace on the console:

[Expert@FW]# strace -s 1024 -f -p 910 -o /storage/thttpd.txt
strace: Process 910 attached
strace: Process 17366 attached
strace: Process 17367 attached
strace: Process 17368 attached
strace: Process 17369 attached
strace: Process 17491 attached
strace: Process 910 detached

Now... lets review our strace log.
Let go right to egrep -i backup /storage/thttpd.txt.

[Expert@FW]# egrep -i backup /storage/thttpd.txt
17367 send(0, "<31>Apr  9 21:42:11 thttpd[17367]: POST data: backup.full_backup=false&backup.comments=&backup.password=&button.create_backup=apply&thispage=lm_backupRestore\n", 158, MSG_NOSIGNAL) = 158
17367 write(1, "backup.full_backup=false&backup.comments=&backup.password=&button.create_backup=apply&thispage=lm_backupRestore", 111) = 111
17369 read(0, "backup.full_backup=false&backup.comments=&backup.password=&button.create_backup=apply&thispage=lm_backupRestore", 1024) = 111

Ok, So the first line looks like it is us hitting the backup button, so the backup command has to be close to this line. However, I can't figure out what thttpd is doing using the unfilter log (not shown because of how long it is). Its like strace isn't seeing it. Its very possible strace has dorked something up and I need to reboot. I can't do that right now because the wife is watching Ill Tempered Masters of Tattooing on Hulu.

I think we're done for tonight.

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